We love it when people are sending us photo's that they would like published, or ideas for tutorials and even new products they have seen and tried.  Who doesn't like seeing their name in lights!!!

So if you have Cake or Sugar Craft projects you are really proud of, please send them through for consideration to be published in the next Annual.    Just remember the work has to be your own, and just review some of the Copyright information we have provided below.

All submissions can be sent through to the magazine_editor@ancda.org.au


Did you know that when you take a photograph, you own the copyright on that photo?

Of course if you did NOT take the photo e.g. a professional photographer took the photo of your cake, then you will need to get permission from the photographer for us to publish. Even if you paid the photographer to take the picture, he or she may still own the copyright. Often a professional photographer will allow us to publish the photo with certain conditions like an acknowledgement. So if you did not take the photo please contact the person who did.


We hope you supply us with lots of pictures of your amazing work.

If you have further questions please contact us or visit the Australian Copyright Council website  www.copyright.org.au/