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By becoming a 'Subscriber' you understand that your subscription is a RECURRING ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. This means that you will be automatically billed for another year of Subscription to the Australian Sugar Craft magazine one year from the date that you subscribe, unless you cancel prior to that date. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to your Paypal account, going to recurring billing and cancelling your subscription.

We have made the subscription recurring so that you don't have to remember to re-subscribe each year and therefore don't miss an issue!

If your subscription renewal payment is paid but you did not wish to continue your membership (i.e. you forgot to cancel the renewal) AND you have not received the next issue, you have a period of SEVEN (7) calendar days to let us know and request a refund.

Refunds will only be issued if we are notified within 7 days of the renewal being processed and you have not received the next issue. Refunds will only be issued for the renewal, not the previous year of subscription.

Cancellations of subscriptions will take place from the next billing date (for the next subscription year, not the current year, unless done so within 7 days as noted above).

Why do we do this?

We want to offer this refund option in the case that you forget to cancel your subscription and only remember when the payment has come out. 


By becoming a subscriber you are purchasing a 12 month subscription period which is two issues of the magazine. This is then auto-renewed (unless cancelled as per the above). If you wish to cancel your subscription during the 12 month period, you will not be entitled to a refund of the remaining months your subscription (except where required by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Law).