The dictionary defines a seminar as “a group of students meeting regularly”, but that doesn’t begin to describe a CDA National Seminar.  Yes, it is a group of cake decorating students meeting, but only every two years, and in a different state each time.  This time it is in Western Australia.

What is the cost of attending?

Non CDA members will pay $780, while members will receive a whopping 25% discount and pay a paltry $625.  Think about it, that’s about the cost of 2 wedding cakes.  If you aren’t a member, and want to attend, it would pay you to consider joining your local branch.  There are extra’s to pay, such as accommodation and air fares, as well attendance at the introductory Sundowner, where you can rub shoulders with the international experts who will be wowing you later in the organised demonstrations.  There will also be extra demos thrown in on the night.

What will I get for my money?

Apart from morning and afternoon tea, and a substantial lunch each day, where else in Australia would you get to see 6 highly regarded international decorators, as well as 11 top notch Australians showing you the latest techniques and products for that price?  And you will get to see them all in turn in your allotted group – you will not miss anyone.  To cap it off, the price includes attendance at the seminar dinner, where you can socialise with the new friends you will have made during the course of the seminar - an extra chance to learn from experts and swap ideas, as well as enjoy the entertainment that will be provided on the night.  And there is another big plus.  As an attending delegate, you have the opportunity of booking into a workshop on the Monday for the discounted price of $85 ($100 for non-delegates).  Again, that’s an unbelievable price for a workshop with an international demonstrator.

Why is it so cheap then?

The CDA is a collection of like-minded cake decorators who can see the advantage of belonging to a structured group, run by themselves, to benefit themselves.  As a not-for-profit organisation, we are not allowed to make a huge profit, and basically only have to cover our costs.  As the seminar is run by a committee, there are no wages to pay either, so you, the members, get to take advantage of the lower fees we can ask.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes!  Book in early, as not only are places filling fast, but there will be an “early bird” draw at the seminar dinner, and one lucky delegate will get a $250 refund.  Lastly, we should warn you that CDA National Seminars are highly addictive – once you have attended one, the thought of missing out on the next one in two years will simply be unthinkable!

What is a National Seminar?